Poetry, a new passion.

I have been writing more and more poetry, they are very raw but I do not mind that at all, I’m a newbie so I need learn by writing.  Here is my latest one, it is called “Red Moon”.


Red Moon


Tried many ways to reach you…

Never thought I would be such a fool.

Toyed with my heart and now, you think you’re through.

Lied to my face, didn’t give a choice, nothing else I can do.


Promised loyalty, passion, you knew me well…

I got emptiness, illusion and coldness, I broke the spell.

The rage was coming, taking over, invading me…

It will explode, your had it coming, I’ll make you see.


Bitting on my lips, that’s the passion you lacked…

Scratching on my face, finally, hate brought you back.

Kicking me with anger, while trying to grab my neck…

Your rage is beautiful, full of passion, that’s the girl I once met.


Maybe I should let it go, rethink and forgive you…

Blood on my hands, I remember now, this sure was due.

My grip is getting tighter, heavy breathing, it’ll be fast…

Gave you love, you brushed me off, my patience couldn’t last.


You call my name, screams, you feel it’s near…

Outside the window, she smiles, only I can see.

Closed eyes, bones breaking, the hour of doom…

She is happy, another smile, my new love, the Red Moon.


October Poem, love+horror.

redI am getting infused with Halloween stuff and I thought about trying to write a poem, that shows some emotion and a bit horror related at the same time, so here it goes.

Bloody Love


Neck is wide open, blood gushing like an open sea,

Wet and warm, taking over my lips, mouth and eyes,

Screams, crying and scratches all over me,

I desired her, loved her, but now I realize, all of that dies.


The passion was there, with my bite I freed her soul,

Her veins were sweet, the red juice tender and thick,

She wanted this, she needed that, I feel it, I know,

I am strong and her protector and now she is no more weak.


Falling on the ground, shaking, trembling, fever is taking her now,

I see her struggle, fighting the inevitable, the end is near,

My promise to lover her, until death, it was my vow,

Close your eyes, empty your soul, nothing more to fear.