Horror, a delicious genre.

I love horror, as much as I know how much of a soft horror viewer that I really am, I just freaking love it. Being scared it’s fun, it gives you that feeling that even though during a horror movie, TV show or good book, you want to stop, you find the strength to keep it going a couple more minutes, sometimes grabbing the pillow hard and closing your eyes, but you keep on.

I just started reading horror books, I sure read some Stephen King ones but they were more of the supernatural horror, weird tales and such. I am trying to get more horror gore and monsters into my creative mind, reading stories with Bigfoot, vampires, zombies, deadly virus, killer sharks, spiders, ghosts…..horror fiction is so rich and with such amazing history, I feel like I have lots of fun times waiting for me and many creative juice to help me develop my own horror stories.

Movies like Friday the 13th, The Thing, Dracula, The Hills have Eyes, The Fly and TV shows such as The X Files, Fringe, American Horror Story and so many others, are so much fun and after watching those masterpieces, you can’t help but feel infused with creativity, it is like some kind of drug that makes you high on creativity.

I have a crazy project, to self publish my first ever novel the day before Halloween, it will be hard, almost impossible but I’ll try my best and if I don’t finish this month, it can always be used as the beginning of a new project.

NaNoWriMo is close to, so it is another reason to just stop overthinking and start putting words into the paper, I’ll be looking for some writing buddies to for NaNoWriMo, feel free to contact me if any writer out there wants to push each other.

Happy Writing and sweet nightmares!!!


Poetry, let the heart speak!

I was always curious about Poetry, because of my love of music, I knew that if given the chance, I would enjoy the world of poems and desire to write them too. So I did it, here is my first ever written poem.



Hard feelings, teary eyes,

New fights, old lies.

She pushes me, she knew,

Can’t move, stay still.

I call her, I shout!

I tried, I fought.

Her gaze hurts,

She knows my lust.

Time has come,

Is this what I become?

A broken man,

Filled up with pain.

She should go, just leave!

I can’t change and she won’t believe.

The open door,

I hit the floor.

I watch her walk,

I try to talk.

She knows my excuses,

I only gave her bruises.

Now she is leaving,

No more screaming.

Closed door, I’m done,

Again the loser, she won!

Short Stories, the road begins!

roadsI’m a newbie writer, and because of that, I catch myself thinking about writing short stories. Not because they are easy to write, clearly not the case, but they can usually be written a lot faster than a novel (usually, not always) and that’s what I need it, to test the waters and if I have to fail, I rather do it fast and learn from it.

I have been thinking about being a writer for a long time, but just in the last month or so, that I really began putting words into paper, literally, I didn’t have a laptop computer before and I just got one because I want to use for writing. The dream of writing has been with me for some time, for a long time to be honest. But it took me too long to start doing something about it, that is a reason to tackle short stories and as soon as I can, so I can submit them to the many magazines and sites that are aavailable.

Short stories will be a way for me to get my writing out in world fast and to have my stories criticized too, I have no fear of rejections or bad reviews, I just need to write and learn, it has been too long already, the ideas inside my head are bouncing for far too long, time to get them out in the open and see what happens. 

So if I could give any newbie writer an advice, it would be that you should write short stories as soon as you can, get all the characters, plots and ideas that you have for that big novel and try writing a couple of short stories, that will make you learn a lot about your writing, keep your creative juices flowing and open new possibilities for you as a writer.

J.J Oliveira

Too many projects and ideas, how to deal with them.

too many idea

I have to be 100% honest with myself, I’m a bit lazy when it comes to creative things and mostly when it involves getting my writing projects started. How can I aspire to be a writer if I feel like that , you may ask. I’m not sure just yet. The more I think about it, the more I realize that all that I need is to be more organized and implement a writing process, stick to it and go from there.

I freaking enjoy writing, the hard part for me is to get into a rhythm, I fully understand that I have to sit down and set up a daily goal to X number of words, and that’s what I will be doing starting today, no more excuses, almost every writer do that and if I’m really serious about writing, it is imperative that I do it too.

As soon as I get into a more productive writing regiment, that will allow me to start getting all the ideas and projects that are bubbling inside my head, into real and concrete things. I have no fear of rejection, I would welcome to be honest, I’m in a stage that anything that I can get finalized and sent as a submission or just a draft of a short story, will be great. Starting a project and seeing it trough, that’s a main goal right now.

So that is my suggestion, do not just let all your ideas bounce around inside your head, get them in the paper, start working on them, if you have to fail, do it fast so you can recover and learn from it, just as fast, and that will make you a better writer in the long run.

J.J Oliveira



Hello and Welcome!


“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.”

J.R.R Tolkien

I was just a High school kid when I read “The Hobbit” and this quote kept hammering inside my head since then. I’m sure that I wasn’t the only kid who feel in love with that story, it was something that simply put, changed my life. 

Books will do that to someone, they will change and make you feel funny inside, suddenly you forget about the dreams of being a firefighter, soccer player, astronaut and so many other great professions, and start imagining yourself creating stories with firefighters battling a wild-fire or maybe an astronaut trying to reach Mars, you realize that the possibilities are endless.

It happened to me, after a good dose of J.R.R Tolkien, Stephen King, Paulo Coelho and some others, I got the need to be out there, to be swept off and then that burning sensation inside of me that I could too create(or at least try) those rich characters, worlds, antagonists, conflicts….

Not that I am comparing myself to those amazing authors, far from it. I’m just a newbie, in love with writing and eager to learn. I do believe that we have to always set our sights towards the great ones, trying to reach their level will consequently make you a better writer, following their path as close as youcan, not copying or trying to replicate their style, but knowing what got them to their level and getting that to inspire you, push you forward even though you have (and should always have it) your own style and ways of creating magic on a blank piece of paper.

So allow me to ask you to join me on this ride, getting my foot out of the door and adventuring in the world of writing but not just that, being an avid reader and movie fan too, I’ll have from time to time reviews, musing or just some babbling related to short stories, books, Tv shows,board games, movies, comics and many other delicious things that our mind desires, to consume and keep us well satisfied.

J.J Oliveira