Poetry, a new passion.


I am not an expert on poetry, very far from that, but I love writing it and the main reason is the freedom that you can have. I know that stanzas, lines, rhymes and many other things can be used one way or another when writing poetry, and that we have many different poetry forms, but I just do not feel the need to find out all of those poetry forms and be bound by them, I feel that a poem can be something that evokes so much freedom, just write what you feel and go from there.

With that in mind, I’ll tackle poetry many times here in this blog, and because of this amazing Halloween mood that the month of October put us on, I’ll try to mesh some horror and poetry these coming weeks. So buckle up and enjoy the ride with me.

Here is a new poem that I just wrote while finishing my shift at work this evening.




Running down all corners, every crevice, nothing to be found,

Some traces that were there, now gone, darkness all around,

Losing can’t be easy, time won’t heal, as tough as it sound,

From happiness to delusion, I fell, soul and heart, straight to the ground,

She’s leaving, laughing , almost flying and I feel that I just drowned,

Shouts, screams and cries, I try and she laughs, many laughs, too many to count,

Like daggers, bullets and punches, her laughs, hitting deep, it’s done, I’m downed,

Finally, I stop, enough damage, this time I’m the one who has been clowned.