Animated Retro TV review: FUTURAMA

Episode 1 Space Pilot 3000

Plot : On New Years Eve, a pizza delivery boy ( Fry ) accidentally falls into a cryogenic chamber, and wakes up 1000 years futuramalater, having to deal with the future and meet new friends.

What a great pilot episode, it gives you right away the kind of comedy that you should expect from Matt Groening, one of the creators of Simpsons . Witty and wacky at times, being labelled The Simpsons in Space is dead on, and it is as good as it sounds. 

Fry might not be as a main character, as popular as Bart Simpson is, but leaving comparisons apart, he’s the dumb but funny kind of character that makes you laugh and sometimes even feel for him. Finding out that he has a new chance in life, does not bother him, even so after he finds out that a relative of his, a great-great….great and many greats after nephew, named Professor Farnsworth is alive.

During this pilot, we meet some other characters, the first one is Leela, an one-eyed alien that is chasing Fry during most of the episode and then Bender, a troublemaker robot that is trying to commit suicide because he is unhappy with his work. They are very unique support characters, and bring and add a lot to the show’s quirkiness.

It is a great start, and I highly recommend it for fans of shows like The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers, King of the Hill and some others, give Futurama a chance, you’ll be reminded of the Simpsons but enjoy some unique moments too.

Score: 8 out of 10. Solid pilot with many funny and quirk moments. 


Writing Horror, the journey begins.

For the past 6-7 months, I got into horror books, not that I did not like horror before, but besides Stephen King, I was not looking for other horror stories. So after I began looking into more horror novels, my brain began to boil some ideas for horror novels, and that is where I encounter myself now, working on writing a horror story.

I decided to use Wattpad for this project, I am not computer savvy so I like the way that Wattpad works, it is very usr friendly and it has a good community, nothing huge but as a beginner, it is great to have a place to share your first writing works.

Around December of last year, I began writing my first horror story, called “The Ghost Killer”, I did not do much outlining beforehand, I just had a main idea, a ‘ghostly’ killer, that can be human or supernatural, a school and some kids dying, that was enough to start. Today I finally submitted the second chapter, I plan to have 8-10 chapters at least, so I have a long way to go, but I have to keep working at it and most importantly, get some words down, it is the only way to get better at writing.

I’ll share here the story as I write it, like I wrote, the first 2 chapters are complete and please feel free to check it out and provide any suggestions, criticisms… I would welcome any input.

Here are the links:

Poetry, a new passion.

I have been writing more and more poetry, they are very raw but I do not mind that at all, I’m a newbie so I need learn by writing.  Here is my latest one, it is called “Red Moon”.


Red Moon


Tried many ways to reach you…

Never thought I would be such a fool.

Toyed with my heart and now, you think you’re through.

Lied to my face, didn’t give a choice, nothing else I can do.


Promised loyalty, passion, you knew me well…

I got emptiness, illusion and coldness, I broke the spell.

The rage was coming, taking over, invading me…

It will explode, your had it coming, I’ll make you see.


Bitting on my lips, that’s the passion you lacked…

Scratching on my face, finally, hate brought you back.

Kicking me with anger, while trying to grab my neck…

Your rage is beautiful, full of passion, that’s the girl I once met.


Maybe I should let it go, rethink and forgive you…

Blood on my hands, I remember now, this sure was due.

My grip is getting tighter, heavy breathing, it’ll be fast…

Gave you love, you brushed me off, my patience couldn’t last.


You call my name, screams, you feel it’s near…

Outside the window, she smiles, only I can see.

Closed eyes, bones breaking, the hour of doom…

She is happy, another smile, my new love, the Red Moon.

Poetry, a new passion.

leaveI am not an expert on poetry, very far from that, but I love writing it and the main reason is the freedom that you can have. I know that stanzas, lines, rhymes and many other things can be used one way or another when writing poetry, and that we have many different poetry forms, but I just do not feel the need to find out all of those poetry forms and be bound by them, I feel that a poem can be something that evokes so much freedom, just write what you feel and go from there.

With that in mind, I’ll tackle poetry many times here in this blog, and because of this amazing Halloween mood that the month of October put us on, I’ll try to mesh some horror and poetry these coming weeks. So buckle up and enjoy the ride with me.

Here is a new poem that I just wrote while finishing my shift at work this evening.




Running down all corners, every crevice, nothing to be found,

Some traces that were there, now gone, darkness all around,

Losing can’t be easy, time won’t heal, as tough as it sound,

From happiness to delusion, I fell, soul and heart, straight to the ground,

She’s leaving, laughing , almost flying and I feel that I just drowned,

Shouts, screams and cries, I try and she laughs, many laughs, too many to count,

Like daggers, bullets and punches, her laughs, hitting deep, it’s done, I’m downed,

Finally, I stop, enough damage, this time I’m the one who has been clowned. 


TV shows and Movies watched this week, some podcasts too.

I have a project to watch more horror, sci-fi and fantasy movies and Tv shows, and that’s what I’m doing in this cold Monday after work. Netflix is an amazing source but I love Youtube too, it has many great content there.

Some Youtube channels that I enjoy are: MonsterMan13, great guys that talk horror and sci-fi books, Tv shows and a lot of cool stuff. Another one is Collider, that talks about movie news and they have a great trivia tournament too.

Some of the movies that I have watched are Sharknado and Cube, both on Netflix. The movie Cube was very boring, I did not like it but Sharknado was what I thought it would be, a very fun horror B-movie, I had a lot of fun watching it and will be checking the sequels too.

When it comes to Tv shows, Netflix is the best place ever, I’m watching the show “The 100”, it is a very cool sci-fi-show and will be starting another Tv show soon, maybe Hemlock Grove or maybe Penny Dreadful. I am still watching Dr. Who of course, that show is amazing, just finished the David Tennant era and will be starting to watch the season with Matt Smith as the Doctor Who. I am watching Star Trek the Original series too, some great plots on that show, great source for ideas to be used when coming out with ideas for stories. Not like plagiarism but I believe that when you infuse yourself with great creativity content, it opens your mind for new ideas and that will make you think better and create more.

Tomorrow, I’ll be doing an update about the books and some magazines that I’m currently reading. Happy Writing!

Stories to write, Movies to watch & Books to read!

I have been taking too long with some of my projects and that ends now. Not just books are a new passion for me, but movies and TV shows too. I always liked movies but had the habit of watching the same 12 to 15 movies over and over again every year( some of them are Lord of the Rings trilogy ,Blade Runner, The Thing, Alien, South Park, Jaws,Ghostbuster..)  I’ll still watch some of those, they are my absolute favorite movies of all time, but I do want to open my mind to new movies and even new genres. The same goes for many TV shows, I have watched things like X-Files, South Park, The Office, Dr Who, Lost and some others too many times, time to try new ones.

The same thing when it comes to books, I have many novels at my house that I bought but did not get to read them yet, around 40 of them. I have read books like The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho or LOTR  and a couple of others so many times, but I can’t find the time to grab a brand new book and dive into a new story, I have no clue why it has been so hard for me to do that but it stops this weekend.

So my project is to write 1000 words a day, watch at least 5 movies a week and find a couple of TV shows that I have never seen before and watch it, every week. I’ll pick a show, watch the first 3 episodes and see if I like it.

When it comes to books/short stories, I have a goal that I set to read at least 15 for the year, We are already in the middle of October and I’ll push myself to read at least 6 novels until January 1, I’m already reading 4 novels that I stopped in the middle of it, so it won’t be as hard as it looks to read a full 6 novels.

Some TV shows, movies and books on my list:

Tempest Outpost, Brad Harmer-Barnes

Swamp Monster Massacre, Hunter Shea

Ghost Story, Peter Straub

The Montauk Monster, Hunter Shea

Planet Leviathan, D.J Goodman

Some TV shows:Hemlock Grove, Sherlock, Luther, Torchwood, Iron Fist…

Movies : Sharknado, Cube, Europa Report, Son of Frankstein, Cloud Atlas, The Road and many others.


Read more and be a better writer.

I remember reading an interview with the great Stephen King where he talks about a good writer needing to be an avid reader. I tried that and couldn’t agree more, as I try to read more and more every week, I am becoming a better writer, not just grammatically but a more creatively writer too. It helps your mind open itself to new avenues, possibilities and have new and great ideas start popping out inside your head like some good popcorn being made, hot and delicious.

Being a newbie when it comes to writing has a few advantages ( very few ones ), one of them is the amount of great books, authors and resources that are new to you, waiting to be consumed and enjoyed. My passion for writing came at the same time that I discovered my obsession with movies, I just started watching more and more and still have so many great ones to watch, just like books, I discover each and every day a new author or novel that looks incredible juice to dive into, and that’s amazing.

I recently began thinking about setting up a reading goal for myself, I want to be able to read at least 15 books a year, it might not look like a lot by many readers but to me, a newbie and a slow reader, it’s a lot. This year I already read 3 books, and I’m currently reading 3 more, at the same time, I have a daily goal to read 12 pages of each book, and that way, I’m making some good progress. My daily goal as a writer is to write at least 700 words, I work 2 jobs at the moment so I feel that it is fair goal right now, I will try to reach 1000 words daily in the future, but for that I have to read more and work a lot harder on the craft of writing.

Some books that I read and am reading at the moment:

North Sea Hunters by Brad Harmer-Barnes

Swamp Monster Massacre by Hunter Shea

Only Human by Gareth Roberts ( Dr. Who book )

Leviathan Wakes by James S. A Corey

A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E Schwab

The Baazar of Bad Dreams by Stephen King

I highly recommend the Youtube channel MonsterMan that Hunter Shea and Jack Campisi make, amazing book and movie recommendations there.